With representation across 15 countries we are happy extend our products to the Australian market.

«Alcotek» Company as the first Russian manufacturer of aluminium composite panels (ACPs) went into business in 2004 and today it is a leading domestic Enterprise in the sphere of ACP production and delivery. The Company keeps its leading position due to high standards set for itself in design and  anufacturing of the Products; the Products quality is highly competitive with the best foreign analogues and for a variety of factors the Products surpass their counterparts.

Each third building facade in Russia is mounted with AlcoteK® ACP.

The industrial complex of the Alcotek plant is equipped with the state-of-theart high-tech equipment for full operating cycle ACP production, including aluminium strip painting, producing ACP of any color in unlimited quantity within the shortest possible time frame, batches small inclusive (up to 100 sq. m). Two high-tech production lines able to produce more than 2 million sq. meters of ACP per year. Quality control is being exercised by the Plant’s laboratory specialists along all steps of production –starting from incoming inspection of raw material to finished products backflush.

AlcoteK® aluminium composite panels are a good investment

The mounted back-ventilated facade with AlcoteK® panels is a long-term highly effective financial investment. The life span of mounted back-ventilated facade with AlcoteK® aluminium composite panel facing exceeds 30 years, with no repair expenses. Being highly dust and dirt resistant, the building facades equipped with AlcoteK® ACP do not require additional treatment at handling, and have aesthetically pleasing appearance. High quality AlcoteK® aluminium composite panel polymer coating is highly corrosion resistant, has good electro-insulating and anti-friction features. It reliably protects the material against UV-emission and other harmful external factors. AlcoteK® ACP resist to high temperature variations from — 50 °С to + 80 °С, do not stratify, do not crack on bends, do not discolor, for that they can be used in any climate zone without any risk of loss of their features. It is clear that the use of AlcoteK® ACP on building facades drastically increases its market cost. 


Alcotek Company annually spreads the colour scale, adds new designs and textures in order to totally satisfy the customers’ requirements and moreover, to anticipate anyone’s wishes. High-quality imitation of natural wood sheet of veneer, natural stone texture provide an opportunity to design stylish and long-lasting facades or interiors in eco-style. The “Chameleon” and “Sparkling «surfaces, glamorous “Mirror” and brutal “Scratch”, high gloss or deep matt colour, metallic and patina finish, “Shagreen” – all these various coatings of aluminum composite panels AlcoteK® can satisfy even the most sophisticated customer.